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There is a new high standard to fixed and removable prosthetics that you can only get at Caputo Lab, Inc.

​Our skilled professional dental technicians keep up to date on all dental implant restoration.

Our goal is to deliver a high quality, natural smile, long lasting products. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained to support implant cases: Noble BioCare, Zimmer, MIS, BioLok 3i, and others. We provide the dentist with careful prepared case planning and we carry each fabrication stage to a skillful conclusion.

About Our Products

All our work is done in-house. Removable dentures and partials are processed with Lucitone 199 acrylic or Valplast: characterizations and ethnic acrylic colors also available. Vitallium or IdentAlloy metal framework is used on our partial cases. We have a variety of teeth from economy to premium: Bioform IPN, Biotone, New Hue, Bioblend teeth, Ivoclar teeth, Biostabil, Vita, Portrait, Portrait IPN.